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shame shame we know your name

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Yeah...So...I hate Potions and it's such a horrible shame that I have to continue to take them to be an Auror. Seriously, if it weren't for Roland, I'd go down the Pro-Quidditch route. My family should probably (maybe not) have the right connections for that kind of thing. I know that Roland had that one friend in the Ministry who told me if I ever needed a favor...Oh I don't know. What I do know is that I haven't got the slightest clue on how to right a four foot essay on Veritaserum and its affects on the human body under the age of 17. Should be less than enjoyable.

In other news, I learned a new hair glamour charm. Can we say streaks and straightness anyone? I can now officially layer colors together as well as detail them,, so if I happen to pass by you with pin straight black hair accented by an odd colored streak or two, don't be frightened! It's only me experimenting.

Until a later date, Oh Magical Diary That Shares My Thoughts With the World.

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Rabastan Lestrange is a fucking sod and I hope he burns.

:D I love you guys, I hope you know that (don't include yourself if you know I hate you, mmk?). Lils an I are mates again, I'm doign well in classes, and O.W.L.S don't scare me anymore! *cackle* hahaha, Emmeline vance is a winner!

I refuse to mention my fight wth the sod. The fact that he insulted roland is enough for me to tear his throat out, so he better hope we don't cross paths next time my curse hits or I'll be doing some time in Azkaban.
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I'm completely lost without Lily, but I'm too damn stubborn to admit how wrong I am. She was right. I am an incorrigable bitch, and I've probably screwed up the best friendship I've ever had. Good fucking job Emmeline.

Ah, life is so very nice single. Nobody pesters you, it's nice and quiet, and best off, homework can actually get finished on time! It's a rivetting experience. :)
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I thought knew who I could trust.

Guess I was wrong.

Dont fucking comment.

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I'm back to normal finally. Roland wouldn't want me to mope, so I'm not. I don't know really though what to do now. I have this pent up rage and nothing to do with it...Maybe I can talk to Flitwick about a dueling club or something fun like that? Eh maybe not. I'd have to have someone to sponser it, and you all know nobody would. SLughorn MIGHT, but he doesn't like me. I'm not good at any subjects really, and I don't know anyone famous. Go freaking figure. I hear he's inviting new people for that bloody club of geniuses and frauds he has. Ah well....I'll talk to McGongall after dinner or something.
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I feel a little better now, but I'm still lost...What am I going to do once summer comes around? I'm not seventeen yet, I'm not allowed to live on my own...I refuse openly to go back to my parents.

[Private from those who dislike me-aka Slytherins]
I do know what I want to do with my life now though. I'm going to kill that bloody bastard if it kills me in the process. Consider me a martyr, a savior, whatever. I can't let him take away anyone elses family. Nobody should have to see their loved ones brought down by a monster.
[End of Private]

Anyone willing to open their door to me?

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...my brother is gone. He's...gone. Away, for awhile...

He got put on a reconaissance mission, that was all! But, but he was there, and Roland had to play the bloody fucking hero! WHY DOES HE ALWAYS DO THAT?! Why...why did he do this to me?! WHY DID HE HAVE TO LEAVE ME HERE ALL ALONE?! What am I supposed to do without him? He was everything to me. All I ever wanted to be and then some. And now...now he's been written off as just someone else who died for the cause. The letter they sent me this mornign didn't even spell his name correctly! Rowland my arse. The Ministry should be crying long and hard tonight for the lost life of a great auror, a great man, and a great older brother.

R.I.P- Roland Caldwell Vance

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crushed crushed
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Haven't updated. I know. Bloody sodding Slughorn needs to get a life. I can't imagine grading essays is any fun...maybe we should hook him up with McGongall or something ... -_-;; gah life is so frustrating lately. I don't have time for ANYTHING. I hate ffth year. I hate O.W.L.S. I cant wait for summer already, and then i have to go back to Roland. FECKNG A
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Holy. Fucking. Christ. If I never have another drink in my life nor interact with someone of the oppostie sex again it'll be too soon. -_-;; Between Christmas and New Years Eve, Ive been smashed three or four times and have managed to wind up with some random guy every time. Lemme tell you, waking up in some arsehole's lap isn't fun....

The morning after the Christmas Ball was absolute hell. I woke up against the suit of armor outside the Ravenclaw common room and I didn't remember how I got there. I think the bloke I'd been dancing with left me out there o-o; What was his name..? It was a strange one, like mine...Dearborn...yeah, Caradoc I think...He was attractive, I'll give him that merit...But on the other hand, I was beyond smashed so who knows? He couldve been reminescent of a hippo's arse and I wouldn't have cared...

On a lighter note, at Petunia's wedding, I managed to not be entirely shit-faced...they only let us have champagne...Still ended up dancing with some pyscho muggle bloke from Vernon's side of the family..He tried to kiss me at the end of the number and I kneed him the groin and walked away...I don't think I'll be invited to the Dursleys' at any point in the future...such a pity, really.

New Years Eve was, um, interesting...I'm a bad girl...I think my liver is goign to give out on me in all honesty...I drink like a bloody fish it seems like. I also hope Roland never finds out about the past couple weeks...The blighter will lock me in my bedroom without my wand and never let me out. Ever...Perhaps Ive said too much already, maybe too little...Anyone who reads this is going to wonder what the hell Emmeline Vance has done...Fuck...Ah well.

Happy New Year everyone...
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Ok, gonna ask you all ONE MORE TIME, since pretty much nobody replied last time, WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT?!?!? IM NOT A MIND READER!!!!!! *hyperventilates*

...this is what i get for procrastinating.

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